SIBATA Tripod / adjustable

SIBATA Tripod / adjustable,This tripod can be used with digital dust indicators, minipumps, low volume air samplers, and asbestos samplers.

● It is compatible with the following products.

・ LD-5R/-5D/-5/-3K2/-3B/-3C digital dust indicators

・ IES-5000 indoor environment measurement set

・ MP-W5P/-Σ100HNII minipumps

・ PMP-001 personal minipump

・ LV-40BW low volume pump

・ C30/354 PM4 sampler set

・ SL-30N low volume air sampler

・ FS-1 fiber survey meter

・ AS-510 asbestos sampler standard set

・ AS-520 asbestos sampler disposable set

・ AS-100 asbestos dust sampler

・ APS-7 asbestos standard sampler

・ APS-72 asbestos standard sampler disposable set

・ APS-1 asbestos personal sampler

・ VOC-1 VOC sampling set,

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